Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Novato, CA, USA
from $150/hr

My massage and bodywork style blends from a variety of techniques from both Western and Eastern styles of massage. I strive to realign and structurally integrate each individual body. My goal is to help restore function that allows for artistic freedom of movement.

My approach to healing focuses on restoration and integration, a vital piece of preventative care. My gentle personal style allows my clients to release layers of stress from the body that relaxing cannot do alone. It restores your body and allows for your system to be in an improved working state. After sessions with me, you will save hours of trying to “relax” and instead enjoy the peace and freedom of your body’s increased vitality, mobility, and energy.

Every session is completely customized to you and your needs. I love helping you come up with an ongoing self care plan that works best for you. 



Additional Information

Massage Therapy: 15 years
Myofascial Release: 15 years
Reiki: 6 years
Guided Imagery: 4 years

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